At Sol Paradiso X Motors
we are dedicated

to help new riders navigate their way through becoming a licensed and skilled motorcycle rider. We are happy to announce that we can now offer motorcycle rentals for skills test to those with a motorcycle Learners (L) or Novice (N) License for the purpose of:

✔️improving riding abilities through practice with a supervisor

✔️preparing for an ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test (MST)

✔️preparing for an ICBC Class 8 Motorcycle Road Test

✔️needing a motorcycle for your ICBC test

We offer customized packages which includes a supervisor (SPXM Employee with full class licence 5 years) on an hourly basis with our bike or yours, so that you can improve your skills on your own time and schedule. 

Available to Metro Vancouver, BC. Contact us to request a quote.

we supply the bike
You focus on passing the test

All Motorcycle rental companies require you to be fully licensed – we do not. Our insurance will cover you as long as the extended liability waiver is purchased and you are riding with an SPXM Employee, you are fully covered!

If you need to rent a motorcycle for your Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) or Motorcycle Road Test, we will deliver the bike right to the testing facility so all you have to worry about is showing up at the ICBC Drive test centre and passing!


BC Licenses
In British Colombia Drivers with less than two year’s driving experience have some extra steps in getting licensed. It’s a way to help reduce your crash risk while you’re getting on-road experience. All the info required to obtaining your motorcycle licence in BC can be found HERE

If you have passed your knowledge test you are on your way to becoming a rider. With a Learner’s Permit (L) You have some restrictions though, and one of which requires you to ride with someone who is fully licensed for 5 years. 

We understand that some of these steps might be difficult if you do not have a motorcycle or anyone to supervise alongside you at your own time and schedule. This is where we come in –
SPXM has fully licensed riders willing to supervise you on an hourly basis.

We will provide the motorcycle and the supervisor, you just enjoy the Ride!



We regret to inform you that we are no longer taking any more reservations for the 2022 riding season. 



MST Rentals & Supervision

TO reserve your ducati & Supervisor

Please let us know the desired date(s) you would like to do supervised rides or the date of your Motorcycle Skills Test and our team will be in contact with you.

BASED IN Vancouver, BC