Victoria, British Columbia

We do our best to accommodate last minute bookings but to ensure the motorcycle you would like to rent is available, it is best to reserve in advance.

You can request a reservation by emailing ride@solparadisoxmotors.com with the desired dates and motorcycle (make sure to include your name and phone number) 

OR give us a CALL 778.727.9185 weekdays 8am- 8pm PST and weekends 10am-5pm PST. 

Yes, 21 years of age or older.

In British Columbia you need to show proof of a valid class 6 or 8 Motorcycle licence.  If you’re not from BC, then you must present a licence with the equivalent rating from the issuers province or country.

Yes you can. Our bikes are insured all year round with basic coverage. But if that’s not enough piece of mind, we offer insurance with full coverage to the rider for $25/day.

We have a convenient pick up location located at 1321 Blanshard St. in the heart of beautiful Victoria. 

But if that’s inconvenient for you, then don’t worry! We will bring the bike to you. We offer FREE delivery within a 30km radius around Victoria. 

We required a 50% deposit to reserve your motorcycle in advance which is refundable with a 48hr cancellation notice. To reserve a bike for the same day, we require the full rental price up front so we can properly prepare your rental. 

When booking a tour in advance, we require a 50% deposit which is refundable with a 7day cancellation notice.

At the time of rental, we require a pre-authorized hold of $500 on the renters credit card for the deductible, which is released at the time the motorcycle is returned in the same way it was rented.

Applicable taxes: PST (7%), GST (5%), PVRT ($1.50/24hrs)

We have rental plans where mileage is included 

300km is included per day and an additional charge for mileage at 20c/km for the first 2000km, 40c per km 2000km+

The renter is liable and responsible for the motorcycle once she/he signs the rental agreement. Any costs incurred from impound fees, parking tickets, speeding tickets, and anything else that stems from the renters’ negligence will be the renters’ responsibility to cover.

This question we get asked a lot, and we are happy to say that yes… you can

We have special rates for track days that also include full track set up. So all you have to do is, pick up the bike, take it to the track, and ride!!!

We are also partnered with Track Day Organizers and offer special group deals. Please contact us for more details.

Yes & No

At SPXM we are all fellow adventure seekers, and understand there is no place like the open road. So we would never restrict just where that road goes. As long as we are notified at time of rental, we will make sure you have all the documentation you need to do so. 

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have to implement the latest restrictions in terms for cross border traveling and at this time, it will be a No to traveling to the USA.